5 Unusual places to visit in Las Vegas

April 6, 2017 @ 8:55 am

Sin city is extremely appealing and has the ability to seduce several thousands of tourists from different corners of the world. It is the hub of hardcore partying and legalized gambling. Visiting the Caesar Palace to witness the animated statues, going to Bellagio to watch the show of the dancing fountain or taking a stroll through the Strip- all these places are common tourist attractions in Las Vegas. You will obviously stop by these places when you visit the city. But how about doing something out of the ordinary and exploring unusual places situated in Las Vegas?

Don’t have any idea about these unusual places? Don’t have to worry as this article will help you get acquainted with 5 unusual places that should be visited in Las Vegas without becoming a pauper.

Shark Reef Aquarium

Immerse yourself in the world of the deep blue ocean by visiting this unique establishment. Situated at Mandalay Bay, Shark Reef Aquarium is not like any of the normal aquariums that you find in the world. It was specifically designed to provide its visitors with an opportunity to enjoy the sounds and sights of the undersea ocean. The aquarium is home to some of the most extraordinary and dangerous aquatic animals such as blacktip reef shark, golden crocodile, Komodo dragon, green sea turtle, lion fish etc. Main thing that is going to attract you to this place is the chance to actually swim along with real sharks including the fierce shark specie Sand Tiger by entering the aquarium tank. However, you must be a certified diver in order to go through this sensory experience. Otherwise just catching the glimpse of different aquatic species in their own charm is itself once-in-a-lifetime experience which should not be missed.

Neon Museum

This particular museum was established with the sole purpose of restoring neon signs that were used by old businesses and casinos in Las Vegas. With the popularity of LCD and LED lights and screens, neon signs were removed. YESCO and Allied Arts Council had collected and donated these old signs to the museum when it was established in1996. So most of the collection consists of what YESCO had donated. Along with that, signs from remodeled or imploded buildings keep on getting added to the collection. The museum gives a chance to the visitors to understand the history of the city and it also offers educational, cultural and artistic enrichment. Neon Museum provides fresh perspective and breathes new life into the retired signs.

Pinball Hall of Fame

Launched in the year 2006, this establishment can be considered as one of the most out-of-the-box places to visit in Las Vegas. Pinball Hall of Fame houses pinball machines belonging to different eras. Some of the very rare machines that can be seen in this museum are Impacto by Recreativos Franco, Pinball Circus by Bally, Black Gold by Williams etc. Along with that, you will also get a chance to play new pinball machines which are themed on films or TV stars. This pinball museum is not just about preserving historical roots but it is also about having a memorable time.

Zombie Apocalypse Store

While you are in Las Vegas, you must stop by this uniquely odd yet cool store. Items which you can purchase from the Zombie Apocalypse Store range from first aid kits, useful water filters, stun guns to all things associated with zombies. The store even hosts zombie shooting events which are real fun and you can participate in them when you visit the store.

Dig This

Those of you who are after something that is strange yet enjoyable should make it a point to visit this theme park. Excavators, bulldozers and any other construction equipment that you want to play with are available here. You can conveniently take pleasure in destroying and building roads or digging holes in the 5 acre playground that is situated in 3012 S Rancho Drive, Las Vegas. First you acquire knowledge on how to handle these big machines from experts and then get the opportunity to explore with the machines on your own. Sounds fun right?

Everyone cannot relish all the enjoyment Vegas has to offer but then you must ensure to make the most of it when you visit this city by taking a trip to the unusual places mentioned above.

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